Hardedge / graham haynes - is it that dark?

Graham Haynes & Hardedge have released eight records as a duo: Austere Geometry (October ’05), Reality Eclipsed (March ’06), Paralyzed by the Approach of the Inevitable (November '07), Is it That Dark? (December '08), But You Can’t, Can You? (February '09), ‘Burned to the Water’s Edge’ (August '09), 'Led Into Uncertainty' (September 2010), and 'Within an Inch of its Life' (December 2010). The son of famous jazz drummer Roy Haynes, Graham was surrounded by jazz musicians his whole… read more

Haynes returned to New York City in 1993 to take advantage of the flourishing Hip-Hop scene; and the resulting album was the sample heavy Transition . After the release of yet another hybridized album – 1996's Tones For The 21st Century – Haynes discovered drum 'n' bass and began working with some of the genres finest DJs and producers in London and the . This manifested in the release of 2000s BPM , a fusion of drum n' bass beats with the classical music of Richard Wagner .

Hardedge / Graham Haynes - Is It That Dark?Hardedge / Graham Haynes - Is It That Dark?Hardedge / Graham Haynes - Is It That Dark?