Alva noto - transform collector edition

As Sougwen Chung pointed out during the Loop discussion, sometimes artists aim merely to try something new. Especially in the realm of process-based works, experimentation can add interesting layers to a performance. Visual artist Harm van den Dorpel ’s algorithmically produced visuals for Lexachast (music provided by Bill Kouligas and Amnesia Scanner) changes each time you refresh the page. The collaboration has also appeared at various festivals, with van den Dorpel helming live visuals: “My algorithms filter random NSFW imagery from across the internet, generating graphic live-streaming visuals that fade into each other, sort of a Ken Burns effect on steroids,” he reveals. “The filtering process was done with the open_NSFW classification model and word2vec tag cloud analysis. From this massive pile of image data, I live 'curate' the output and mix it with self-programmed, MIDI controlled Open GL software . This has somehow a quite dystopian effect. If you, for example, mix all colors together as paint, the result is this particular dark brown/grey color. Also, I used to cycle daily past a dump as a child, and it struck me that if you put all trash together, all of their smells combined create one quite specific and particular smell. This also happens with Lexachast. When 'all' images are put together, from this multitude and randomness, somehow a 'one-ness' emerges, or unity. A particular feeling.”

The Shape of Water leads the film nominees with seven, followed by The Post and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with six apiece.

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Alva Noto - Transform Collector EditionAlva Noto - Transform Collector EditionAlva Noto - Transform Collector EditionAlva Noto - Transform Collector Edition