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July 8, 2004: Bounty Killer concert cancelled at the Krakrock Festival in Belgium
The cancelation of dancehall artists who sings homophobic lyrics is spread across Europe. The planned performance of Bounty Killer at the Krakrock Featival in Avelgem, Belgium, in September was cancelled. Beenie Man and Capleton were given warnings in Brussels before their performances. TOK and Capleton picketed by Amnesty International in Amsterdam. Elephant Man concert picketed in Paris. ( OutRage 1 ) ( OutRage 2 )

July 26 2004: OutRage! launch the campaign ' Stop Murder Music '
In response to Jamaican dancehall lyrics that advertise hatred, violence and the killing of gays and lesbians, the British organisation OutRage!, along with 150 local groups in cities across Europe and the US, launched an international solidarity campaign named 'Stop Murder Music'. The first phase was targeting “murder-music” singers. Several Jamaican artists would see their concerts cancelled across Europe, USA and Canada. There was also a website, now unaccessible.() ( press release 1 ) ( press release 2 ) ( Dancehall Dossier: Stop Murder Music )

NOTE: To see all the concerts that were cancelled, press the CONCERTS CANCELLED button in the main menu of this website.

August 2, 2004: Virgin Records issues an apology statement on behalf of Beenie Man
Fearing that Beenie Man's career and music sales would suffer from the OutRage! campaign 'Stop Murder Music', Virgin Records rushed an 'Apology statement', on behalf of their artist. That statement was co-ordinated with the launching of his new album and US tour. The following day, Clyde McKenzie, head of public relations for Beenie Man's management company Shocking Vibes, told Radio Jamaica that "the statement was not a specific apology to gay people, that it was initiated by Virgin Records not by Beenie Man, and that Beenie Man reserved his right to continue criticising "the homosexual lifestyle", of which he did not approve. ( OutRage 1 ) ( OutRage 2 )

August 6, 2004: Beenie Man is dropped from the 'Salem Stir Your Senses' tour
The 'Stop Murder Music' campaign was proven effective as it reached the US, where gay and human rights activists were able to bring the debate to the news. On August 6th, tobacco company RJ Reynolds removed Beenie Man from its 'Salem Stir Your Senses tour', reducing the sponsorship to 14 of the 35 planned concerts. The same day, The Electric Factory in Philadelphia forced Beenie Man to drop two anti-gay songs from his setlist. His returning gig scheduled for October 11 at the same venue was also cancelled on August 9. On August 10, the owner of the Indiannapolis club The Vogue cancelled the concert scheduled for October 28. On August 11, it was the Pittsburgh concert's turn, scheduled for October 14, to be cancelled. On August 12, three more concerts were cancelled: Cleveland (October 16), Columbus (October 18) and Chicago (October 25). The Quest in Minneapolis was the last to cancel its concert scheduled for October 31. Apart from these nine cancellations, several other US cities had protests outside the venues.
( OutRage ) ( Chicago Free Press ) ( RainbowNetwork ) ( PlanetOut ) ( 365gay 1 ) ( 365gay 2 ) ( GayWired ) ( Concerts Cancelled )

August 7, 2004: Allegation that Banton wants to sue OutRage!
A source close to Buju Banton told The Voice that the artist was contemplating legal action against OutRage! following the circulation of an email that Buju was wanted in Jamaica for beating gay men. In the same article, a Jamaican music industry leader, who refused to be named, said: "We are going to be hitting them with actions from all corners. They (OutRage!) are maligning the name of our country". ( The Voice ) ( OutRage reaction )

August 14, 2004: Puma warns Buju Banton of "zero tolerance policy towards homophobia"
Buju Banton performed at the Puma-sponsored Olympics party in Athens, but only after being briefed on the company's "zero tolerance policy towards homophobia and other forms of prejudice" ( OutRage )

August 22, 2004: Beenie Man performs a medley of his 'chi chi man' songs in Jamaica
Once onstage in Jamaica, Beenie Man personally denied he had ever apologised for his 'kill gays' music. To prove it, he performed a medley of his 'chi chi man' songs. That event took place on August 22, at the Red Stripe Summer Sizzle concert at James Bond Beach, in Jamaica. The night before, he did the same thing at the Champions In Action concert, at the Caymanas Polo Club. ( OutRage ) ( Jamaican Observer 1 ) ( Jamaican Observer 2 )

August 24, 2004: Beenie Man performance at the MTV Video Music Awards is cancelled
Fearing the planned protest by South Floridian gay activists would disrupt the televised event, the organizers of the MTV Video Music Awards show decided to cancel Beenie Man four days before his performance. He was initially part of the Saturday night lineup at Club Row, a concert that was part of the MTV weekend music events. The Awards show was broadcasted on Sunday August 29, at the bayfront American Airlines Arena.
( South Florida Sun-Sentinel ) ( BBC News )

August 26, 2004: Two Beenie Man concerts are cancelled in Canada
Following the controversy over Beenie Man's lyrics and pressure by Canadian gay organisations, the concert promoters cancelled the London (Ontario) and the Toronto concert, planned for September 17 and 18. ( Toronto Sun )

NOTE: My research leads to conclude that there were only two Canadian dates scheduled for Beenie Man's tour. Considering Beenie Man's popularity, more dates would have been added, but following the number of concert cancellations, the plan to extend the Canadian tour was probably dropped.

August 27, 2004: The London festival Reggae In The Park is canceled
Following intense lobbying by OutRage!, the festival scheduled for September 5 at Wembley Arena was cancelled by the organisers. The line-up featured Marcia Griffiths, Sizzla, Freddie McGregor, Barrington Levy, Vybz Kartel, Gregory Isaacs and The Mighty Diamonds. OutRage! didn't ask that the event be cancelled, but simply that Sizzla and Vybz Kartel be removed from the bill. ( OutRage )

September 3, 2004: No More Murder Music: Manhattan-based Caribbean organisation
In the summer of 2004, a group of Caribbean people living in the Manhattan area created the 'No More Murder Music' coalition. One of the group's spokespersons is Julius Powell, a former member of the Jamaican organisation J-FLAG, who resides in New York since 2001. As the UK organisation OutRage! had faced several accusations of being racist for attacking Jamaican music, the New York Caribbean organisers wanted to challenge this perception by creating a similar organisation within the gay black community. One of their main goals was to deal with issues of race within the queer world. They organised a demonstration in front of the Manhatthan Hammerstein Ballroom on September 3, where Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, . and Elephant Man were performing. ( 1 ) ( 2 )

NOTE: I wasn't able to locate other articles, and I wonder if this organisation is still active.

September 8, 2004: Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel dropped from the MOBO Awards
Making a stand against homophopia, the MOBO Awards panel of judges requested an apology for anti-gay lyrics from Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel, both nominees at the 2004 MOBO Awards. The singers' representatives said that they had "moved on", but no written apology had been received. The two artists were dropped from the nominee list. Sean Paul won the award. ( BBC News ) ( OutRage ) ( Letter to BBC ) ( congratulations to BBC ) (

video of Black Music Council protesting ) NOTE:The initial nominees were Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Elephant Man, Toots and The Maytals. I don't think the two artists that were dropped were replaced. The event took place at Royal Albert Hall in London, on September 30, 2004. There was a protest by BMC outside the venue.

September 13, 2004: Capleton is removed from Reggae In The Park in San Francisco
September 9th marked the debut of Capleton's 34-concert US tour. There was protest at several of them and several gay and lesbian Californian organisations were able to have eight of the concerts cancelled. On September 13th, Capleton was removed from the line-up of the Reggae In The Park festival, scheduled on October 3rd, in San Francisco. On September 24th, the Associated Students Presents cancelled four concerts scheduled on the campus of California State University and Humboldt State University. On September 29th, the House Of Blues announced the cancellation of the West Hollywood concert and the following day, they cancelled the New Orleans concert, scheduled for October 11th, on 'National Coming Out Day'. Two shows were relocated at the Harlow club in Sacramento and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, but within a few days, those two dates were also cancelled. In an interview with The Jamaica Star, Claudette Kemp, Capleton's manager, said that the singer and his entourage were threatened by the protestors as they arrived to performed in Scottsdale, Arizona. ............
( List of Concerts Cancelled ) ( OutRage! press release ) ( Humboldt State University ) ( Northcoast Journal ) ( Jamaica Gleaner ) ( Indy Bay ) ( LA Independent )
( The Jamaica Star )

September 27, 2004: OutRage! leader receives death threats
Peter Tatchell , volunteer for the gay rights organisation OutRage!, initiator of the 'Stop Murder Music' campaign received several death threats by dancehall fans. The messages were sent through internet message boards, e-mail or by phone. The fans are warned Tactchell against continuing the campaign.
( Jamaica Star ) ( )

September 30, 2004: Black Music Council: UK-based organisation defending the DJs
Blacker Dread (owner of the Blacker Dread Music Store) and Doctah X (British Jamaican DJ) launched the UK-based organization Black Music Council to protect the rights of the eight artists "persecuted" by OutRage! On their website, they largely criticized Peter Tatchell's motivations. They picketed the MOBO Awards with supporters carrying signs saying 'Enraged by OutRage!' and 'Defend reggae music'.
( Black Music Council ) ( Jamaica Gleaner ) ( New Statesman: Peter Tatchell's answer ) ( video of Black Music Council protesting )

October 1, 2004: Jamaica's corporate sponsors warn the dancehall artists to clean up their act
Six of Jamaica's biggest sponsors (Red Stripe, Wray & Nephew, Digicel, Cable & Wireless, Courts and the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB),) are threatening to withdraw support from the local entertainment industry if dancehall artists continue to make violent lyrics a part of their musical repertoire.
( Jamaica Gleaner ) ( Jamaica Observer )

October 5, 2004: Clash: Gays vs Dancehall
Jamaican dancehall academic and researcher Donna P Hope, who is a doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies at George Mason University made her contribuation to the debate by writing the article 'Clash: Gays Vs. Dancehall', which was published in Jamaica Gleaner in early October. Great defender of dancehall music, she look at gay civil rights movement, criticized OutRage! 'Stop Murder Music' campaign, brings realistic hypothesis that explains the growth of dancehall homophobic lyrics and do not esitate to point the finger at how Jamaicans are responding toward the international boycott.
( Jamaica Gleaner (Part I) ) ( Jamaica Gleaner (Part 2) )

NOTE: Although I don't like how she minimised dancehall lyrics that advocate death and how she ridiculized the effort made by overseas gay activists to challenge these unacceptable hatered lyrics, I must admit that this article covers a lot of ground that are usually unexpored by other writers and she greatly brings to light a Jamaican point of view of the crisis. I consider this two-part article as a 'must-read' in order to understand every aspect of the conflict.

November 4, 2004: Sizzla UK tour is cancelled
Sizzla's entire UK tour was cancelled, after he had been refused a visa to enter the country. Some of the venues ensured that Sizzla sign a contract that he would not performed offensive material, but the increasing number of protests by gay rights organisations, the New Scottland Yard investigation on dancehall singers along with the death of a gay barman in London the previous weekend were all part of the decision to cancel the tour.
( BBC News ) ( The Guardian )

November 7, 2004: Two nominations are dropped at the Urban Music Awards
Just two days prior to the event, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man were dropped from the cathegory Best Reggae Act at Britain's Urban Music Awards. The official reason given was the fact that the nominees were not British, but a Unicef official insisted that the acts had been dropped because of concerns about their alleged homophobia. ( The Guardian )

November 16, 2004: Human Rights Watch publishes a report on Jamaica's homophobia
Human Rights Watch published a 79-page report entitled: Hated To Death: Homophobia, Violence, and Jamaica's HIV/AIDS Epidemic. The public relations officer for the Jamaica Police Federation, comissioner Sergeant David White, upset by the compromising informations published on Jamaican police brutality against gays and lesbians, information found in both Amnesty International report and Human Rights Watch report. He wrote an open letter to the Jamaican Observer newspaper, in which he tried to put down the effort of the two organizations, refering to the organizations as 'so-called human rights groups and lobbyists'. ( 79-page report ) ( Sergeant David White's letter to the Jamaica Observer )

November 21, 2004: The 'No Apology' concert in Miami
NO APOLOGY! was definitely the reverberating theme of the night for the Caribbean Reggae Fest 2004, which featured artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Spragga Benz, Lady Saw, Richie Spice, Chuck Fender, I-Wayne, Tanto-Metro and Devonte, Baby Cham, Assassin and too many more to mention. Just a few days before the day the show was to be held at Bicentennial Park on Sunday, November 21, it became known to many members of the press that some of the South Florida Gay Community were making concerted efforts to shut the show down. Of significance here is the fact that almost all of the main Dancehall Reggae artists who had been targeted by gay activists recently, particularly by the group OutRage! hailing from England, were on the bill for the Caribbean Reggae Fest 2004, the key notable exception being ...Vybz Kartel was the first artist to state overtly to the audience, "No Apology" as he made his way onto the stage. And if people were still wondering what he was talking about, a few minutes into his set it became very evident, as he constantly commented that he didn't support certain lifestyles. A little after Vybz Kartel left the stage, Bounty Killer came on stage with a vengeance. "No Apology" were the first words to be uttered from Bounty's lips. (MORE ON THE LINK BELOW)
( RootzReggae )

November 22, 2004: UK Minister is warning the Caribbean: Homophobic songs will spread HIV
HIV/Aids is spreading faster in the Caribbean than anywhere else in the world except sub-Saharan Africa, with a prevalence rate of % infected and 3% in some countries, such as Haiti. Discrimination against homosexuals, largely fed by dancehall music, is preventing many gays and heterosexuals from being tested. ( BBC News ) ( The Guardian ) ( The Economist ) ( DFID Press Release )

December 26, 2004: Sizzla arrested for profane language
Sizzla was arrested while performing at the Red Label wine East Fest in St. Thomas (Jamaica) on December 26, under Jamaica's Town and Country Act for "using bad words". However, the arrest was not related to expressing his view on homosexuality. On February 2nd, two weeks after pleading guilty, Sizzla was sentenced to 15 days behind bars after he refused to perform 20 hours of community service. However he won a court appeal on March 16 and it was ruled that he should pay a fine of just $2,000 Jamaican (approx. $33 US) instead of serving time.
( The Star ) ( Reuters ) ( RadioJamaica ) ( Jamaica Observer ) ( The Advocate ) ( BBC )

NOTE: Sizzla was also detained and questioned by the police for 4 days in March 2005 after finding 13 high-powered weapons in August Town, in an area know as "Sizzla's Corner" : ( )

December 30, 2004: The French senate votes a new law: 'Against discrimination – Pro equality'
The singers that want to sing 'Battyboy' songs in France better hold their breath. The French government voted a new law (No. 2004-1486): One year of prison or a fine of 45,000 Euros (59,000$US) for people found guilty of hatred provocation, violence or discrimination based on sexual orientation. ( legifrance )

01 . Will You Be Mine - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 02 . Get Up - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 03 . Your Tender Lip...

named for the conspicuous birthmarks of both frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Ron Roesing.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala stated in an interview ...“ The Volta is taken from a Federico Fellini book about his films, what he characterizes as a changing of scene, or a turnaround; a new scene to him is called Volta. Y'know, changing of time and the changeover. And Mars, we're just fascinated by science fiction.....”

Named after Canadian teen pop idol Bobby Curtola's manager, Maria Martell.

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